Aiki Wiki, Wikipedia We Have a Problem update, pt 2

Development origins and background of Aiki Wiki.

Aiki Wiki has a very curious and, to say the least, unorthodox development background. It is astounding for me to contemplate that I have been developing and researching this project for 20 years.

While Aiki Wiki contains a very sophisticated algorithm and methodology for consensus building that is very mathematical yet intuitively flexible, getting there was not easy. I literally have no background that would ever qualify me for developing a large consensus building platform and methodology, a form of digital governance that can profoundly effect how we use the internet today.

The project began 20 years ago as a spontaneous form of online theater that had a mission, protesting the looming invasion of Iraq in 2003. The original intention was to counter “misinformation” on AOL message boards that “dirty bombs” were planted all over the United States.

I was not aware of it at the time, but this quirky form of protest is an actual “tactic” that is now used online to battle misinformation trolls.

In Lithuania, they call this tactic “cyber-elfing” so as to distinguish the tactic from online “trolls” because the tactic is a form of information warcraft that is used to battle Russian troll farms.

The challenge when handling misinformation as well as dark personalities on the web, is that cyber-elfing cannot and must not also use deception, misinformation, propaganda or abusive tactics because they must distinguish their signal from the signal of misinformation, so those observing can tell the difference.

This also means that cyber-elfing must employ a type theater and humor, and without transparent theater and humor, it won’t work.

This was the origin of Aiki Wiki. It may have even been the first instance of “cyber-elfing” on the internet.

Back then, I had no idea what Aiki Wiki was, I just continued to observe a pattern that would emerge when ever I would have an Aiki Wiki “staged” discussion.

Over the years, I continued to develop a theory around what was happening, and then a methodology, and then finally a mathematical algorithm.

Around 2007, I did enough field research that I had a developed theory, but I felt I needed to now test the methodology which should no longer require “theater” but should be demonstrable as well as rational enough that it can be explained and repeated or adopted by others.

I also obtained a science adviser, a prominent professor in neuroscience who reviewed my research and said I was on to something.

In 2011, a partner and I were invited to give a TEDx talk called “Google Consciousness”. What the TEDx talk was truly about was how we hijacked getting a TEDx talk about “Google Consciousness” to instead make it about Aiki Wiki. We predicted that social media would soon evolve into digital governance, and that elegant discussion algorithms would emerge to handle mutually resolving consensus building.

This eventually led me to researching “wiki-wars” on Wikipedia.

Researching wiki-wars on Wikipedia led to me getting targeted and harassed on the internet in quite an extreme fashion.

While this was indeed a traumatizing experience, the data and understanding that it delivered back to Aiki-Wiki was priceless.

It meant that I was able to identify a series of patterns that emerge as behaviors and choices online that remained consistent in the most contentious and toxic of communities on the internet, and the algorithm held.

In Aiki Wiki, a whole continually resolving consensus process can happen online and can even include dark agents, trolls, or competitive mindsets. In Aiki Wiki, there is no voting, there is no censorship. There is only one possible outcome, resolution. It is not possible for any event to influence a fully rational and mutually resolving consensus in any manner that is non-resolving.

And this pattern remains consistent between extreme ideological divides, and is impenetrable by troll farms.

Because my own experience with direct harassment and targeting was essential to this completion, I cannot help but have deep appreciation for those whom have targeted me as they have.

And I can say that those targeting me since 2014 participated in this case study willingly. I was transparent about it on Wikipedia since the day I began.

Since 2014, I continued to blog about Aiki Wiki and each instance of harassment, and numerous times communicated that they are participating in a public case study into online harassment and misinformation.

As they continued, I continued.

And so Aiki Wiki continues. And I truly invite those whom have engaged with me, let’s have a resolution. Come work with me on the further development and employment of Aiki Wiki.

The case study is complete.

Access the case study in Part Three.



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